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Praxis Clinical
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The Brief   A logo, branding system, and business cards—though ultimately this partnership included brochures, medical illustrations, educational fliers, and more
For the branding, the company came in knowing they wanted a blue, turquoise, and gold as their colours, and wanted to communicate the idea behind their name—that as a clinical education company, they married the worlds of theory and practice ("praxis"), with knowledge in both but expertise in bringing the two together. Add to it their beginnings in gynecological health, and the Venn diagram hints at their yonic beginnings.

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THE BRIEF   Create a logo for rural tourism stay "La Nostra Casa" in Zabljak, Montenegro, nestled in the heart of Durmitor National Park and the Dinaric Alps.
The principal logo turns the house itself into a cozy part of the mountains itself, with the extended logo incorporating a stylized version of the mountains visible from the farm. Two full-colour variations and an animated version of the linework logo round out this branding package, with the animated logo prepared for use in videos of the surrounding National Park.
Swing Monkeys
branding • logo design • videography • photography
THE BRIEF   The initial brief was to redesign swing dance studio Swing Monkey's logo, to create an image that more easily translates across social media, print materials, web use, and more. They wanted to stick with the concept of their original logo—a monkey literally swinging across the image—but update its look for a more illustrated, fun symbol of the studio.
In the final design, the top hat is removed for a cleaner look, the brand colours and fonts defined and refined, and a package created so studio owners could more easily apply the branding themselves to future social media posts created in Canva.
In addition to visual branding, the studio needed a variety of photos and an event video to showcase their work to prospective future students.
swing monkeys | go bananas! swing festival
branding • logo design • marketing collateral
THE BRIEF   Subsequent to the studio's rebranding, they hosted a swing dance festival for which they needed a logo, marketing materials, printable schedule, and branded collateral (t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, etc). For the poster, they wanted to highlight the visiting dancers coming to teach sessions, the climate of the host city, and have the festival name written out, though they wanted a more simplified visual to use to watermark images and put on totebags. Both poster and simplified logo make use of the same written "go!"
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